Bugün savage coffees'ten Savage Caturra Natural demledim.
Kahve ilk tadımdan itibaren paket üzerinde bizlere vadettiği gibi meyvemsi tatlar ve ağzı kaplayan güzel bir asidite sunuyor.

Tadımda ilk olarak olarak ortaya çıkan çilek tatları, soğudukça kendini daha tropikal meyvelere bıraktığını söyleyebilirim. bu yüksek kaliteli, özel kahveler gerçekten benim gibi ev demleyicileri için inanılmaz güzel tecrübeler sunuyor.

Kahveyi ise 10 gram üzerine 3 döküş ile 160 ml su ekleyerek 2:15 gibi bitirdim.

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Caturra is one of the most popular varieties in Central America. It’s being valued for a fruity character, high intensity / sweetness. Combining the terroir of Bouquete / Volcan regions with best farming practices / Jamison’s renown processing methods this coffee is a bold, sweet / tropical rarity.
The quality in this Caturra starts with a meticulous picking practice where only the ripest cherries are harvested with a BRIX reading over 24. After the cherries are harvested they are post selected on a raised African bed designed by Jamison Savage. After several days in direct sunlight the coffee is dropped to the second level bed where it is essentially shade-dried for up to 30 days. This slow, methodical process gives the coffee grain an opportunity to absorb these layered, natural, complex, flavors provided by the fruit.
Temperatures, airflow, and constant agitation of the coffees is critical to the consistent and even drying of the coffees. After the coffees have been dried to 10.5-11% humidity it is placed in grain-pro bags and stored in bodega for up to 90 days. This “reposo” or rest gives the coffee the opportunity to equalize humidity and stabilize all while the coffee continues to absorb the natural sweetness and fruit flavors.
After reposo the coffees are then hulled, selected for density, size, shape, and color. Finally, the coffee is lightly vacuum packed and boxed for export.
Brewing Instructions
To fully express Savage Coffees’ potential we recommend brewing them with care and attention to details.

Water makes up 90 to 98.5% of brewed coffee. It’s important to use only fresh, filtered and soft water to fully extract flavors / keep your equipment reliable for years. We recommend the following water parameters:
• TDS 70-120 ppm
• pH = 7.0
• General hardness level <4°dH
• Brewing temperature: 94-96°C / 201.2-204.8°F
• Use filtered or low mineral content spring water
Brewing Tips
• After opening keep your beans in air-tight container. Do not keep them refrigerated.
• Our coffees taste great in wide range of brewing methods (pour over, immersion, batch brew, espresso.)
• For espresso, always flush the group head before extracting the coffee, and for filter brewing rinse paper filter in your brewer with hot water prior to extracting the coffee.
• Grinding setup will vary depending on the method of extraction / desired cup profile.
• For espresso we recommend using precision baskets / shower screens for optimal extraction.
Brewing Ratios
Filter coffee:
• 60-65 g of coffee per 1 liter of water
• 1:15 coffee to water ratio
• Pour over extraction time: 2:45 – 3:45 min.
• Batch brewer extraction time: 3:30 – 4:30 min.
• Dose: 19-21 g
• Yield: 50-55 g
• Time: 24-27 s